5 Easy Social Marketing Plan That Can Skyrocket Your Business in 2018

5 Easy Social Marketing Plan That Can Skyrocket Your Business in 2018

2017, was a great year for my business and that of my clients using the awesome power of social media to drive targeted traffic to our businesses and also making a lot of sales.

In this post am going to be showing you the exact same process and strategy I use for my business and that of my clients. Enjoy!!!

Social media is one of the most efficient and cost-effective channel to build, grow and scale your start-up or business empire to a whole new level.

The common question a few years ago, “why should our business use social media?”, is now being replaced with, “how can our business grow with social media marketing?”.

As a social media startegist, this makes me very excited. What doesn’t make me excited is how many businesses are still trying to market on social media without a documented strategy. In this post, you will learn the five steps your business must take to create an effective social media marketing strategy in 2018 and beyond.


The 5-Step Process


Step 1: Create social media goals

The first step of a concrete social media marketing plan is to set goals. Goals provides you with a clear way of measuring success and a way to track your ROI. Social media marketing can help your brand achieve various goals, some of the most important goals include:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Driving sales or improving customer loyalty
  • Increasing engagement with social media posts
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Improving customer service
  • Increasing number of fans or followers

Big goals like the above tend not to be mutually exclusive, but you should focus on one or two at a time so that you do not spread your resources too thin, and risk not achieving anything you set out to do!

Step 2: Audit Your Current Social Presence

“Know thyself. Know the customer. Innovate.” – Beth Comstock

Before you strategize about where you are headed, take a quick look at where you are. A few areas to consider when auditing your business’s social media presence are:

  • Which networks are you currently active on
  • Are your networks optimized (photo and cover images, bio, URL, etc.)
  • Which networks are currently bringing you the most value
  • How do your profiles compare to your competitors’ profiles

Step 3: Create a Customer Avatar (Know Your Ideal Customer)

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” – Peter Drucker

You will want to get as specific as possible with this part. For example, if you identified your target market as parents it would be ok. However, if you identify your ideal customer as a “Uptown Ladies” that lives in a “Mega City“, is between 24 and 45 years of age, minimum income per annum, primarily uses “Instagram” and has an interest in “luxury vacations” you will have much more success.

Even the best marketers will fail if they are marketing to the wrong audience. Answer the following questions to help you come up with a highly focused buyer persona:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Job Title
  • Income
  • Pain Points (that your business can solve)
  • Most Used Social Network

Step 4: Have a your “Unique” tone of voice

Like any type of marketing, the way you speak to your audience will have a significant impact on the way they perceive you.

You may already have a good idea about what your brand’s personality is like, but the following exercise – a set of questions that personify your brand – will ensure that everyone on your team – whoever might be writing your social media posts – has a consistent point of reference to work from:

  • If your brand was a person, what kind of personality would it have?
  • If your brand was a person, what’s their relationship to the consumer? (a coach, friend, teacher, dad, etc)
  • Describe in adjectives what your company’s personality is not.
  • Are there any companies that have a similar personality to yours?
  • Why are they similar?
  • How do you want your customers to think about your company?

Step 5: Test, Experiment and Analyse

“If you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything.” – Ronald Coase

This may be the most important step when it comes to succeeding on social media. Even the best social media marketers rely on trial and error. It might seem basic, but tracking your results, analyzing the data and then making tweaks to optimize them is crucial.

Each previous step should be re-evaluated after you have had time to analyze the results of your marketing efforts. Let the data drive you. If it is telling you Facebook or Twitter is your most effective channel, consider doubling down.

A great social media strategy is never set in stone. It is a constant work in progress that changes when necessary. So get out there, create a strategy and start optimizing it as you continue to grow and learn more about your business and your audience.


Over to you


With a social media marketing plan established, you will feel much more confident about the task ahead, and much better prepared to reach your social media goals. Remember the six steps below and you’ll be well on your way:

Step 1: Create social media goals
Step 2: Audit Your Current Social Presence
Step 3: Create a Customer Avatar (Know Your Ideal Customer)
Step 4: Have a your “Unique” tone of voice
Step 5: Test, experiment and analyse

Will you use the advice above to setup your own social media marketing plan or do you have a different method?

For staying and reading up to this stage, it shows you are serious and ready to scale your business and brand to the next level in 2018 and beyond, I will love to assist you further.

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