7 Surefire Ways To Become A Successful & Sought After Twitter Influencer. (Newbie friendly)

In order to become a Twitter influencer, you need to be strategically positioned and make sure you do your home work well enough to make you actualize your goal in record time.

One of the major advantages of being a Twitter influencer is that your entire online marketing campaign can change forever.

What you can achieve with twitter’s 280 characters and image is mind-blowing. You can drive instant and consistent traffic to your web properties (website, blog post), increase your sales, and grow your impact with in your industry.

In order to become a sort after twitter influencer, I will show you a seven easy step strategy based on my experience and expertise.


  1. Pick a Niche


A niche simply means a well-defined segment of the population or a focused, targetable portion of a market. The keyword is well-defined and focused.

You need to focus and defined your market, do not try to be a generalist instead become a specialist.

E.g. there is a difference between a medical doctor (general medicine) and a brain surgeon (brain specialist) hope you got the drift.

Narrow your market and dominate.


  1. Create your profile


The next thing after picking a niche is to create a compelling twitter profile, this is your CV; use it intelligently to sell yourself (brand, product or service).

Starting with you bio (bio-data), make use of your industry’s main keywords to describe your personality, skills and expertise.

E.g. I help individuals, brands and enterprise gain more visibility online that attract more paying clients and buyers to their businesses.

The above is compelling and straight to the point; you can model yours after it using the method below:


I help A get to B to achieve C


A is your ideal client/customer.

B is your service or product.

C is the result they get with your service or product.

Hope it helps…


Next your image, upload a clear and good picture that positions you as the authority in your niche, different niche as a certain perceived dress code or dress sense.

The dress sense of a pop star or a sport superstar is different from a corporate executive.

Your image should depict how you want people to perceive your person or brand. This is very important.

Note: You would need to also use a captivating cover image to further sell your brand; you may need to change it frequently when you have an event or announcement you need people to be aware of.


  1. Content


Have you ever come across the statement “content is king”; content is what differentiates an amateur or newbie from an expert or professional, your content must be relevant and congruent to your brand, doing a lot of research and brainstorming on ideas related to your niche would be of great help.

Your content must be value laden; any other thing short of this would be unacceptable. Give your audience a lot of value they would feel stupid not to constantly watch out for your contents.

Another hack/tip, that would help, is to be a student of markets, events, trends and viral contents in your niche, this would help you come out with contents that would be appealing to your audience, and it would also upgrade you to the top 10% authorities or influencers in your niche.

Content marketing would help position your offers (products or services) for maximum exposure that would bring in huge sales and also avail you the opportunity to earn consistently with paid sponsored posts (tweets), endorsements or even brand ambassadorship.


  1. Create A Content Strategy

He who fails to plan…plans to fail

You have different content ideas you want to share and put out there, but that is not enough, you need a strategy that would make you plan out your content.

Content plan helps you streamline your content and make it more effective, you can use the template below;


– What you want to post (quotes, short stories, tips, thoughts, hacks etc)


– What time to post (twice in the morning, twice at noon, once in the evening)


– What angles to use (image quotes, articles, blog post, short video, podcast etc)


– What format to deploy (series like soap operas, Q & A, discussion, tutorials, interviews etc)


Note: make sure you are consistent, posting 5 times or more a day gives you an edge over others that post (tweet) few times a week.


Also, making use of a twitter content calendar would be of great help.


  1. Build a Community:


Doing the four steps above without building a community of followers, clients, loyalists, and evangelists is like a king without a kingdom (no crown, no throne, no function, no followers).


You need to reach out to people that would be interested in what you have to offer (value and expertise). Invite people and offer them genuine reason why they need to join your community. Visit forums, close groups, speak at events that are related to your niche and invite them over to your community,

When you provide a decent value or add something tangible to their lives, joining you would become easy and stress free.

Offer them a freebie (ethical bribe) it could be a report, an article, a short video course, an e-book, audio program etc.


  1. Engage Your Community:


This alone is a broad topic itself, but always remember the lifeblood of any thriving business are the customers and buyers of that business, they (customers) needed to be treated like kings and queens, they determine the success of the business going forwards.

Known brands spend huge money to keep their customers happy, so as not to lose them to their rivals or competitors.

You need to keep them happy, serving them regular dose of valuable content is not enough you need to engage them; either by regular Q & A sessions, giving a shout out, commenting on their tweet or re-tweet, ask for their opinions, follow back would also not hurt you.

Also, another effective way is to start a conversation encourage them to join you and other, you may spice it up with an incentive or a discount offer on your product or service if you have, also create a competition of sort, people just love to compete and offer a prize…it works wonders



  1. Leverage on other Influencers:


This is also important, no one achieve extra-ordinary success or height being a lone ranger, you need to leverage on other people’s success, influence, tips, networks etc. reach out to other known influencers in your niche, give them a mention, shout out, re-tweet their content, follow them, appreciate their works.

Reaching out to other known influencers by acknowledging their works, mentioning them and also tweeting and re-tweeting their works would not only make them notice you but their audience and followers would do too, they would be open and likely follow you too.

Remember we are not in the space (social media – twitter) to compete but to contribute and complete one another.




To become a successful Twitter influencer, you need to put in the work, acquiring the knowledge is not sufficient enough; you need to stay FOCUS and take ACTION.


One Action step taken is better than a thousand Intention waiting. 


When you take the actionable steps today (now) you would start to get tractions, gain attention, grow your influence and earn profitably.


You become a bankable brand with loads of loyalist and evangelist to complement your efforts.

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